Finnish Internet Awareness (FiA) Project

The Finnish Internet Awareness -project (07-08) is a joint action of three individual organizations: Save the Children Finland, The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora). The project brings together three significant Finnish actors and their professional efforts in the field of children and internet safety. Each of the participants has specific focuses in the project. The primary objectives are:

  1. to arrange Safer Internet Day activities and campaigns in season 2007/2008
  2. to create a training model for web content providers, particularly for
    moderators, together with the industry, about internet safety
  3. maintain a Hotline for internet users to report about illegal content on net anonymously
  4. to create a helpline for children, where they can raise their concerns and get support on troubles regarding their experiences in the internet.

Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) is providing the Helpline service which is based on the current national Child and Youth Phone services run by the MLL. Helpline gives support on internet-related troubles, for example harmful content and cyber bullying. The volunteer counsellors are provided with the necessary training, continuous support and materials on children’s internet use and internet safety. MLL will also continue the internet safety awareness work done in the Safer Internet -project TUNNE (05-07). The network of Internet Safety Trainers and the Peer Support System in schools will be used and the idea of the Peer Support System will be adapted into the internet.

Finnish Internet Awareness -project is an awareness node in the European Safer Internet network Insafe (
The project is funded by European Commission Safer Internet Programme.

FiA -partners websites: (Save the Children Finland) (Ficora) (MLL)


Contacts in MLL:

Youth work manager Juuso Repo
tel. +358 75324 5513

Director Marie Rautava
tel. +358 75324 5622

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