Finnish Internet Awareness and Safety

The Finnish Internet Awareness and Safety project (2008-2010) is a joint action of three individual organizations: Save the Children Finland, The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora). The aim of the project is to promote safer use of the internet and to fight against illegal content and content unwanted by the end-user, as part of a coherent approach by the European Union. The project brings together three significant actors and their professional efforts on a common mission to improve children’s safety in relation to digital media in Finland. Each of the participants has specific focuses in the common project. The primary objectives of the project are:

  1. to arrange Safer Internet Day activities and awareness campaigns
  2. to create a module based internet safety training system to further the safety of the children and the youth in relations to digital media
  3. to maintain a Hotline for the internet users to report about illegal online content anonymously
  4. to maintain a Helpline service for the children, where they can raise their concerns and get support on troubles regarding their experiences on the web

MLL provides a Helpline service, which is based on a well-known nationwide helpline service called The Child and Youth Phone. MLL has maintained the service since 1980. The Helpline provides a possibility for the children to reach a trained counsellor to share their concerns on internet related troubles (harmful and illegal content, harmful conduct and distressing experiences related to their use of online technologies). MLL will also continue the internet safety awareness work done in the Safer Internet project TUNNE (2005-2007) and FIA (2007-2008).

The FIAS project has responsibility as internet safety professionals in increasing youth participation around the issue. For example, the project will make the most of online communities popular among youngsters when activating youth participation in internet safety actions and raise discussion around the issue. MLL will make good use of the youth communities in facilitating peer support by means of organizing themed chat sessions. Themes for peer support chat sessions include among others tips for safer internet use, the nature of privacy and publicity online, cyber bullying and the possibilities and pitfalls of the popular websites among young people.

Finnish Internet Awareness and Safety project is an awareness node in the European Safer Internet network Insafe (
The project is funded by European Commission Safer Internet Plus Programme.

FIAS partners websites: (Save the Children Finland) (Ficora) (MLL)


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