– Telling the child that the contact order is a legal maximum, not a minimum.

– Insisting that you come and go exactly at the times she stipulates.

– Insisting that you detail where you take the child and under what conditions.

– Making last minute changes to arrangements you have with the child.

– Deliberately offering the child alternative events on your contact days.

– Duplicating gifts you give the child to undermine the value the child puts on them.

– Hiding, breaking or deliberately being careless with things you give your child.

-Deliberately misinterpreting anything you do or say.

– Demanding money in exchange for contact.

– Withholding school or medical reports or anything that you might expect as a parent.

– Criticising your taste or understanding of the child’s needs.

– Criticising your home, friends and lifestyle.

– Allowing the child to miss homework during the week so that it has to done in contact time.

– Ignoring you in public and forcing the child to do the same.

– Forbidding you to participate in school/club events

– Informing them (incorrectly) that the court has banned you from such events.

– Insisting that your new partner is not involved at contact times as it distresses the child.

– ’Overlooking’ gifts you send your child on special occasions.

– Saying the child is busy or out when you phone or constantly interrupting the call.

– Constantly reminding you of your ’shortcomings’ as a father in front of the child.

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