About the Youth participation in bullying prevention project 2015-2016

The overall aim of the project is to empower the whole school community to prevent bullying, and especially it’s extensions in online environments. The project is based on preventive youth participation approach and well-established complementary programs developed by the project partners.

Involving youth in the pilot schools

The project works with several pilot schools in all project countries in order to update the bullying prevention strategies and actions in schools. The process in schools includes surveys, interviews and workshops with pupils as well as an organized dialogue between pupils, parents, and the school staff. The project provides the schools with staff trainings, parent workshops, and trainings for volunteer peer supporters and their coordinators. The pilot schools will provide the partners a platform to develop and evaluate new methods for their work with schools.

Results and resources

The dissemination of the project results in participating countries is guaranteed by project partners’ permanent work with bullying prevention and peer support work in schools. Methods and trainings developed will be integrated in the partners’ training programs and online materials for schools. In order to deliver the results to other European countries, the project will publish a methodology material in English, organize an international conference, and disseminate the results via the European and International networks. Further, the project aims to network with NGOs working on youth participation in bullying prevention.


The project runs under the leadership of Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. Project partners comprise a network of five dedicated NGOs with complementary programs and expertise in youth participation, peer support, and bullying prevention in schools. In addition, KiVa / University of Turku supports the project with its expertise as an associate partner.

Partners include:

  • Friends Foundation – Pupils against bullying (Sweden)
  • Folkhälsan association for social welfare and health (Finland)
  • Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation (Hungary)
  • TORE – Peer students own circle (Estonia)
  • KiVa antibullying program / University of Turku (Finland)


mll(at)mll.fi, tel:+358 75 32 451
Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Finland

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