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Algorithms and Media Use

Algorithms are a rule group that is used to select the social media content – that ends up in our feeds or is recommended to us. It is an attempt to sync with who we are, what our interests are – and with whom we have had contact.

Entrepreneur, instructor, and non-fiction author Harto Pönkä explains in the video what algorithms are and how they affect our use of media. The video also examines how emotional reactions on social media have an impact on our media use.

Note that algorithms only work in line with the service provider’s goals. It doesn’t consider your desire to follow friends or see cool content. It aims to optimize the time that you spend logged in.

You follow people on social media to see their future posts – but instead, an algorithm picks the posts you see.

It is like an invisible hand picking, based on someone’s aims – and according to some rules, the content you see in your feed. Because you’re interested in this user, you’ll see more of their posts.

Also, based on the hashtags in pictures, you will see more of – the content linked to those hashtags. It also aims to monitor connections – and what your reference group or friends like. That content also pops up.

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