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Help us make Finland a better place for children, young people and families with children

With your support we can be close, we can listen, and we can help children, young and parents all over Finland. Let’s ensure no one is left alone.

Your contribution makes our work possible. You can help. Donate now to support our charity.

Donate a better future for children

By donating you can support MLL’s work and give children a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Help now - donate.

Make a donation or become a monthly supporter

How does your donation help?

Fill in our form and donate. You can choose to make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor.

Other ways to donate

  • Donate via MobilePay to 41000
  • Send SMS MLL15 (15 €), MLL20 (20 €), MLL30 (30 €) tai MLL50 (50 €) to number 16155
  • Make a bank transfer to MLL’s donation account in Osuuspankki FI64 5789 5420 0200 05 

Donate monthly

Monthly donations are the most effective way to support us long-term. By contributing regularly, you help us create a child-friendly Finland and promote the well-being of children, young people, and families across the country.

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Start your own money collection for donations

Celebrating a birthday, wedding, or other special occasion? Consider asking friends and relatives to donate instead of buying cards or gifts. You can start a collection for any event, such as birthdays, weddings, or confirmations.

A memorial collection is a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one. By starting a collection, you can support causes they valued and cherish their legacy.

Start your own collection today to support children, young people, and families.

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Leave a legacy

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? What kind of world do you want to help build for the future? MLL strives to create a society where children and young people thrive. With associations in almost every municipality in Finland, over 30,000 volunteers of all ages work together to achieve this goal.

A testamentary donation to MLL helps ensure that children will continue to be cared for in the future.

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Make a corporate donation

Does your organization want to make a positive impact? The easiest way to support children, young people, and families in Finland is by donating to MLL.

If you are interested in a partnership, please contact us.

Make a corporate donation here

MLL face to face fundraisers

Face to face fundraisers work on doors and streets in the capital area and Tampere region.

All our fundraisers wear MLL vests and name tags. MLL fundraising permit is visible on the tablet that is being used.

How can I support the work of MLL?

You can support our work by a one time donation or continuously through a monthly donation.
Each donation is important and supports our work in building a child friendly home country and to enhance children’s, young peoples and families well-being.

How does my donation help?

Promoting children’s, young peoples and families well-being in Finland is possible through donations.

We provide a cost free, anonymous and confidential service to children and young at Lasten ja nuorten puhelin ja chat and also to parents at Vanhempainpuhelin ja chat.

Donations also enable us to arrange classes and parent evenings about friendship skills, so that no-one would be left alone or be bullied.

Donations also support our wide range of work to prevent bullying and loneliness and our other work for children, young people and parents.

How are donations used?

We direct donations to that work where children, young people and families with children most acutely need it.

What are the costs of fundraising?

In year 2023 our fundraising costs were 25 %. This means each donated euro has 25 cents fundraising expense. Through the costs of fundraising we pay the direct costs of fulfillment of fundraising, advertising and other costs that form from donor acquisition.

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