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hi everyone, my girlfriend is pregnant and i am panicking already that i am going to be a father, any advice?


Dear Sammy,

Gongratulations on becoming a father! It is quite normal to have mixed feelings about becoming a parent especially if it is for the first time.

Do you have any male friends that have already become fathers that you could talk to? I think they might be able to tell you that that it is quite normal to be panicky … and wonderful to be a Dad with all the responsibilities and feelings of love that the baby brings along.

It is often easier for the the Mom-to-be to adujust to the thought of becoming a mother as she experiences all those changes in her body. Hopefully she will share those emotiongs and changes in her body with you so that you can participate in her pregnancy. You also have a role in supporting her in becoming a mom and eventually giving birth.

At best, this is your mutual project whcih will hopefully bring you closer to one another and you will form a family.

Again, enjoy the nine months and the many emotions those months will have!


Hello, let me tell you that NOBODY is ready to have a child, it is new and sometimes a frightening feeling, that is sooooo normal! Having a child will be one of your best things you have ever done, it is journey together with a child, in which you both will grow and learn together! All you have to do is to give love and be yourself as a father, listen your ”inner voice” it will tell you what to do, if you know what I mean. Of course there will be tricky moments with a growing child but what you will get back is so much, his/her love and so on…Dont be afraid, be happy and confident of yourself!!!

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